What Is Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Gender reassignment is an option for trans-women who wish to undergo a change in their appearance to more closely match the physical makeup of a woman. Sex reassignment is often sought by young adult trans-women who have grown dissatisfied with the appearance of their bodies, or by women who have reached the age in their […]

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Best Cheap Eats in Miami

In this installment of the Best Cheap Eats on The Las Vegas Strip, we will go over some of the places and people that serve good authentic food from the Southwestern part of the United States. Our first stop will be taco bell casting, which is an excellent Mexican American fast food chain with locations […]

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10 Emotional Abuse Signs

It’s possible to encounter emotional abuse in relationship. At the center of emotional abuse is the desire to be in control and have power. The problem arises when a partner in a relationship feels physically or emotionally hurt by the need of the other to be in control and power. Unfortunately, this occurs when the […]

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