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Best Cheap Eats in Miami

In this installment of the Best Cheap Eats on The Las Vegas Strip, we will go over some of the places and people that serve good authentic food from the Southwestern part of the United States. Our first stop will be taco bell casting, which is an excellent Mexican American fast food chain with locations throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Locally, there are also several locations in Spring Canyon and Lemon Ridge. But for our second stop, we will head over to the infamous taco bell.

Best eats in miami suggested by Las Vegas Indian Escorts

The food at taco bell is first class and I cannot say enough good things about it. My favorite thing about their chicken tacos is that they have a variety of different chicken varieties. I especially love the boneless, skins on boneless chicken. I can’t say that I’ve tried just about every type of chicken that is available to eat at taco bell but the boneless chicken is by far my favorite. I also like their black beans and their nachos. The atmosphere at taco bell is very pleasant as well; they have lots of natural light and a lot of fresh air.

There are other excellent Mexican restaurants in the area that also serve food from Mexico. Places such as Mi Cochin, La Granada and Charley are all excellent places to go if you want authentic Mexican food. They also serve some wonderful tequila as well. The prices at these places are all very reasonable and you will definitely get what you pay for.

A little further north is the awesome Pinched Chicken Ranch. This restaurant serves really great tasting chicken and their desserts are also to die for! Their salad is huge and the spinach dip is also to die for. While we were there, I also learned that they have some really great non-fish foods also, such as pastas and really tasty desserts. Prices are very reasonable and this restaurant is certainly worth a stop on your way to or from the South Beach.

Just a short distance from Pinched Chicken ranch is the awesome Jack La Lane’s. While we were there, we had the opportunity to try several really tasty entrees. The duck confit with the spicy Cheddar dressing was out of this world and the spinach-artichoke soup with Creole sauce was delicious. We also had the opportunity to try their tuna salad which was out of this world and their shrimp gumbo which were delicious as well. Their desserts are also to die for and their pasta dishes are to die for as well. If you are looking for some really good food in Miami, these are your places to go to.

Now that you are aware of some of the restaurants in Miami that serve truly affordable food, it is time to start checking out what restaurants are available around the city. There are a ton of really fantastic restaurants in the area that you can visit. Your best option is probably to take a day trip on the Internet. There is a plethora of restaurant review websites that have reviews of the best cheap restaurants in Miami and they will tell you which ones you should definitely check out when in the area. This way you are guaranteed to end up with exceptional dining experiences that you will never forget.

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